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Picked this up on ebay – it is from Argentina and presumably unlicensed due to no copyright info. It’s pretty tiny – the whole thing not much taller than a regular trading card. I really like the depiction of the X-Men though – Cyclops is 6’3″, Colossus transformed towers at 7’5″, Wolverine clocks in at […]



Please look after Ensign Dax and He-Man. In some other warped universe… they are probably fucking in the Bill & Ted phone booth…  I swear I wrote this in an email today. What. The. Fuck.



Colossus Re-imagined. Found here.

My brother very kindly bought me a Colossus Toon Tumbler for Christmas! It is also the first item I can stroke off the wanted list. Produced by PopFun Merchandising.

May Haul


Last week I picked up the following smaller items – another Marvel Bearz Colossus. This time it was merely a (slightly scuffed) Gold one. Also picked up a couple more Heroclix – something I know nothing about – I think there are only three Colossus ones; the one I have and the two below.This is Ultimate […]

This appears to be discontinued on the official site: And I’ve been looking out for one on ebay — no luck yet! Adding to the wanted page.

These are pretty weird little… statues. Part of some Marvel ‘Power’ game, you buy the box not knowing which character you got. I bought the Colossus on ebay, so that I didn’t have to buy loads in the off chance I get Big C. There are clear crystal versions as well which are rarer – […]

It was bound to happen eventually – bought this ‘magnet’ on ebay – and was throughly disappointed with it – at least it was only $10. Not sure if you can tell (I couldn’t off their pics) but it is a piece of printed paper (signed by Art Adams) slipped into the cheapest looking holder. The […]



Picked up this magnet on ebay. Made by: Metal Machine Merchandise Catalogue No: MMM 056 Colossus 1