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Comic Book Resources have all the info: I really liked Mr. Cudmore in the role – I just wish they would have given him more to say and do. Wonder who they’ll get?  

The new X-Men trailer is up on youtube (see below). There is a blink and you’ll miss it look at Colossus (at least I think it is Colossus) at 1:26 — it’s less than a second so screenshot above! Interestingly Jackman made it above the title (Well done Sir!) and Cudmore didnt get a credit […]

The first part of the Halo 4 webseries; forward unto dawn has hit the interwebs (about a week ago – see youtube video below). It has a Battlestar Galactica vibe and is well worth a watch. The one very minor spoiler (already given away by title post… sorry!) is that the Master Chief will be […]