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Picked this up on ebay – it is from Argentina and presumably unlicensed due to no copyright info. It’s pretty tiny – the whole thing not much taller than a regular trading card. I really like the depiction of the X-Men though – Cyclops is 6’3″, Colossus transformed towers at 7’5″, Wolverine clocks in at […]

Unopened collectibles that have piled up in the last few months. Because, you know… reasons. There are some awesome items in there though! A few I’ve procrastinated over for years and a few surprises I never knew of. (And yes, there is a 20″ Mr Stay Puft in the Mattel box!)

Mary Jane


The first Spider-Man comic I ever purchased was Amazing Spider-Man #333 (pencilled by Erik Larsen). It was my introduction to one of my favourite Comic Book characters; Mary Jane Watson (then Parker) – a fiery red-headed super-model/actress who had the measure of Peter. And it is amazing how the mind remembers things – the above […]

Art by Minimum Power

The Hero Initiative does good work and I really like this method of raising money for the cause – I have the previous Hulk and Spider-Man collections. There is gallery of all the art here. The best of which is this one by supremo Hulk artist Dale Keown! I like this one from Chris Bachalo […]

The Marvel solicitations for February 2013 are out… pretty sweet Cable & The X-Force cover by Salvador Larroca: That is all.

After some nail-biting anticipation and fond memories; MattyCollector has posted great news: MOTUC Fans, You did it! In a last minute rush, you fans rallied the troops and saved Castle Grayskull®. Not only were enough pre-orders placed to hit the minimum production goal needed to go into production, you went all He-Man® vs. Skeletor® on […]

Todd McFarlane


When I found my first local comic shop; the owner was a big fan of McFarlane’s work on Amazing Spider-Man and got me hooked – in fact my first two subscriptions were Amazing Spider-Man (with Erik Larsen pencilling) and Spider-Man (with Todd on writing and pencilling duties). I got into the X-Men a little later […]

This showcase is a little different in that I actually own a signed print of it – although I can’t remember who the artist is or when I purchased it! It was on eBay and a few years ago now to the best of my recollection… anyway it is a pretty cool meld between The […]