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To mark Smitty’s 40th Birthday – another Inaction figure has appeared at It has some great detail – I think it is the first time we get a pattern on the pants. The 37 +3 is a nice touch. Happy Birthday Sir!

Yay! A new Kevin Smith Inaction figure has appeared at Jay&SilentBob’s Secret Stash! And it’s Black & White and he’s sporting the classic “Clerks” tee-shirt. I’ve ordered mine.

My Secret Stash order arrived today. I am now the proud owner of the Red Bank Exclusive and the Bear-y Curious Kev. This brings my collection up to 7: the two new ones, View Askew Exclusive, San Diego Comic-Con, Night Of The Living Kev, WW Chicago and Westwood Stash Exclusive. See here for pics and […]

I’m a big fan of film director and funny man Kevin Smith and am trying to put together a collection of his variant inaction figures by Graffiti Designs. I am finding it hard to find a definitive list (the following is a work in progress) -so I am making my own with pics! If I’ve missed […]