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Lego Jor-El


Russell Crowe becomes the latest celebrity to be Legoized. Legoization (I am just making up words today) is more rare than getting on the Simpsons. It is a poly-bagged promo mini-figure – as yet undetermined how to purchase – but looks cool. I believe Harrison Ford is the only person to be Lego-ized twice — […]

It’s here. It’s good. It looks like it might be the Superman movie we all have been waiting for… Cavill is going on me and Costner and Crowe might just be perfect casting. I love Snyder’s style and this could well be his best film yet. (There is not much Clark Kent – Roving Reporter […]

Two teaser trailers have appeared online for Man Of Steel. They are EPIC… haunting music (great selection from The Lord Of The Rings) and very stylized visuals from Snyder. It sets it up nicely for a full trailer – consider me officially excited (despite my previous misgivings!) And the arguably better voice over from Russel […]

Man Of Steel


Hmm… I am utterly conflicted. While I think the image above is cool… it isn’t really what I think Superman should be. I am not sure on the title or the suit (google it – it is all over the web). I am a fan of Zack Synder – 300, Dawn of The Dead and […]