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I’ve spent my 50 bucks… have you?

Since I have unlocked 40 characters and spent time ranking them up the levels I thought it would fun to share my top ten favorite heroes to play in the game. I am not including mission play as a factor (since I haven’t really played many missions) and so the factors are asthetic, movement, ability, […]

This got delivered today – Maestro Hulk by Bowen Designs! A lot has been lauded about the base which includes a number of heroes’ masks and weapons – if you want a better explanation look no further than here. Honestly I just like the idea of a future, bearded Hulk roaming the land in the […]

* According to stats available in Tom O’Malley’s Top Trumps book: … although I have also reduced the list to “The Brawlers” – the big guys who rely on only their fists to win fights. (Namor, Thor, Apocalypse, Silver Surfer and Galactus have been left out on this basis). Beast – 1 ton Colossus – 70 tons Rhino – 80 […]

I didn’t even stop to take a photo of the Hulk Single Launcher and the only noteworthy disc I got was 040. The Punisher (Green). Will add the new 10 to the master list.