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I was tidying up this morning and came across the unopened promo pack of the incredibly-lengthy-titled “Marvel Heroes Magnetic Xtreme Discs MXD Promo Pack“. It states on the packet – one launcher and three discs – I immediately got the urge to open it. Maybe Colossus is in there – maybe I’ve had him all […]

Picked up another MXD twin launcher pack… 10 Light Blue duplicates and 10 mostly new white discs. The best of which being Beast, Banner and Maestro Hulk. As usual, no Colossus; As always I’ve updated the master checklist here.

I didn’t even stop to take a photo of the Hulk Single Launcher and the only noteworthy disc I got was 040. The Punisher (Green). Will add the new 10 to the master list.

Latest MXD Haul


My latest MXD shipment arrived. Still no Colossus. And a disappointing realisation: the packs of 10 aren’t randomly packed – I opened a new set of cyan discs to find the exact same cyan ones I already own. Not cool. However I did get the Hulk Launcher Twin Pack which had some cool new ones: 003. […]

Got two MXD Launchers in the post today (shipped all the way from Oz). Getting to see the packaging up close we can deduce a bit more about the line — it looks like there are four varieties of launcher: Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk and The Fantastic Four. The X-Men Launcher pack has three visible yellow discs: […]

Got this through the mail today. I desperately want to open it to see the launcher (never seen one before) and see what the three discs might be… Colossus could be one of them! However I am going to keep it sealed for now as I might never get another promo pack.  The search continues… I’ve […]

I have updated my original MXD post with a list of launchers available.

Here is another range of Marvel official merchandise that has gotten lost in the mists of time. There is no easy to find checklist anywhere on the web. I know, I looked. I picked up 5 packs of these on ebay hoping to get Colossus in there. Unfortunately I didn’t get him – not sure he is even one of the […]