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The latest collectable plastic tat from Hasbro/Marvel. Click above image to embiggen; Colossus is in the picture… can you find him? Here is the complete checklist (also embiggenable!): Colossus is number 78 of 102 – and looks to only be available in the Wolverine Face Case. However I can’t find the “WFC” for sale anywhere […]

Awesome! Great news from the Con – we are getting another Colossus action figure to look forward to in 2013. At the Hasbro Panel – the Marvel team announced a new team box set during their presentation.  The Uncanny X-Men 3-pack will include The Colossonaut, Emma Frost and Cyclops. It is based on the Juggernaut […]

I had previously reported on the upcoming Colossus figure here. Well time has passed and a few weeks ago Wave 8 (2010) was released and started appearing online. I evilbayed for the Juggernaut, Arcangel and of course, Colossus. I’ve been picking up a few of these as I went along – if I liked the character or […]

Finally released in mid 2009 after months of uncertainty and waiting (it was announced as early as start of 2008 – I mention it here and here) – this massive action figure was one half of Wave 6 in the Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons range. (The other was Phoenix). Standing 12″ tall and actually fairly unremarkable otherwise – it is […]