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Nearly there now… I hit 1100 yesterday with the purchase of Blade. I now only have two characters left not bought (and the now ungettable Mohawk Storm) Purple Hawkeye and Dark Silver Surfer. I still have four or five characters to Max out… so still not sure what the final Squad Rank will be! I […]

Done. One Thousand. One THOUSAND. Good grief! It took just over six months to get there… probably putting in about twenty minutes a day, nearly everyday to pick up Gold and Hero Tokens. Despite reaching this lofty milestone I manage to stay away from as many time-wasting missions and card games! I’ll most likely keep […]

Well, despite huge frustrations with the broken online shop and getting annoyed with support, I did indeed make it to 900! In fact as you see below I am gold broke… despite being owed 2400 Gold which represents the two times I have tried to buy Avengers Iron Man and the shop failed! So when […]

It has taken a while – nearly four weeks – to rank up another century. The squad now sits at a very respectable 800 with the addtions of Ant Man, Giant Man, Punisher and Nick Fury all MAXed out; and Tuxedo Thing, Spider-Woman and Iron Patriot in progress. I tried to patiently wait for the […]

I purposely omitted the stats from the last update as I promised myself I would not post until I got to a Squad Rank of 700. But I was so pleased with myself that I had saved enough Gold to buy the new character(s) and discounted characters on the release day that I had to […]

Finally – after what seems like forever – they finally rolled out the second April update today (yes, mid May!). I received Phoenix for free after buying three gold heroes last month and ten hero up potions (for buying Spider-Man). And so to this months events and deals; In parallel with Marvel’s (and Joss Whedon’s) […]

I continue to march my squad closer to the new goal of a Squad Ranking of 1000. My thinking is that the new challenges whenever they are released will undoubtably include one or more “ranking-up” challenge. So I might as well get started! Weirdly as I wrote the words in the last update regarding spending […]

Since I have unlocked 40 characters and spent time ranking them up the levels I thought it would fun to share my top ten favorite heroes to play in the game. I am not including mission play as a factor (since I haven’t really played many missions) and so the factors are asthetic, movement, ability, […]

After many hours of wandering around aimlessly looking for hero-up tokens – I finally hit a rank of 540! It was my intention to take a glorious screenshot with “540” emblazoned in that lime-yellow color but by unlocking Future Foundation Spider-Man it immediately eclipsed that number and add a +3 rank on. So I kept […]