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This year we got the following Colossus news/stuff: 1.Hasbro X-Men Marvel Legends Wave 2 – Colossus Figure announced. Some nice actual pics over at   2. Tom Whalen Mondo X-Men Pins featuring Colossus:   3. Funko Dorbz X-Men 3-Pack featuring Colossus:

A new Colossus figure! In the romper-suit costume. I like the gauntlets though…

Funko Phantom



  Colossus looks AWESOME!!! Click to embiggen!   Empire magazine has posted a trailer breakdown with Director Tim Miller and there is a nice titbit of info on page 2: Tim Miller: He should be this monstrous guy, and they actually let me make him seven-and-a-half feet tall. I did actually call Daniel Cudmore to […]

Colossus returns to the big screen in Deadpool – the official trailer was shown last night at the San Diego Comic Con and featured our favorite hero about half-way through. (Various versions on, though Fox are on the case taking them down so no promises) Unfortunately Daniel Cudmore has stepped aside, instead we have […]

James Horner


As I am sure you’ve heard James Horner died yesterday. A hugely successful film composer he is perhaps best know for his work on Braveheart, Avatar and Titanic. However his best work, in my opinion, is the score for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. “Khan” is still, and perhaps always will be, the […]

It’s weird looking at all the films you’ve seen in a year and picking ten. Neither Avengers or TDKR made my top ten… Avengers was just vapid nonsense and in my opinion Bane (and his voice) was the only thing worth watching in The Dark Knight Rises… it’s too long, political and a bit silly […]

Comic Book Resources have all the info: I really liked Mr. Cudmore in the role – I just wish they would have given him more to say and do. Wonder who they’ll get?  

Look what arrived today… YAY!!!!!! One to open… one to keep MIB (mint in box). That is all.