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Fastball Statue


This is an awesome 1/4 scale custom. But it is $3000 so I won’t be getting it. See it on ebay.

Came across another Colossus in this 20 pack of metal nano figures from Jada Toys, Inc. They are small, slightly less than 2″ in height, but reasonable sculpt for its size. In order to keep costs and space down I just picked up Colossus on ebay.  

This little, badly kept-up-to-date, blog has been a source of much amusement over the years and has surprised me multiple times. So, my dear Internet, here is my latest ask. I desperately want the Harmontown movie poster (the official full size 27″x40″ one from the Harmontown store). Please contact me if you have one for […]

It’s that time of the year again! Time to get excited by the biggest nerd convention on earth. And the exclusives this year are extensive with some gems among a plethora of collectables; you need to be very selective when on a budget. However the following few are ones that caught my eye and I’d […]

1. Kevin Smith in Blue Hockey Jersey Kevin worn the Blue/Orange Oilers colors for so long but hasn’t been represented in either an inaction figure or a pop. This needs to happen as a Con Exclusive. 2. Rob Bruce the PopCulturist We NEED this to round out the Comic Book Men roster. How cool would […]

Getting these out there since the line is expanding with Star Wars, DC and the upcoming Infinity War. There four new Marvel ones but my favourite is Thanos. Anyway – I had been working on these before Christmas; mostly based of Jim Lee era designs although I went with the classic Cyclops + Marvel Girl […]

Short post. I picked this up on eBay after months of deliberation. Lets face it the toy prototype market is subject to many fakeries (word?). And to drop the almighty dollar on something that has no resale value is not something I like doing. I’ve stated this before – I like commercially available things – […]

When Lego announced the Brick Headz line I was fairly indifferent. I was watching a video on YouTube of someones Lego room and they had the Marvel ones sitting on a shelf; it piqued my interest. They looked awesome. A week later there was a 3 for 2 sale at the local toy shop and […]

I am still here… despite being consumed by work and the gym and family… blah, blah, blah. So this years Con. As per usual I look longingly from afar half a world away. I may never get to nerd out in SD but I will not stop picking up exclusive swag. This years haul includes: […]