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The Colossonaut was previously announced and previewed (unpainted) at SDCC 2012. But at ToyFair 2013 held in New York over the weekend – we get to see the painted version… looks pretty! The Colossonaut is packaged as an Uncanny X-Men three-pack along with Cyclops and Emma Frost.

I have had these for ages – thanks to both ebay sellers for sending these on – despite being pre-orders (always dodgy on a limited number item). Just wanted to share “official” collection pics (actually taken on the same day as the Baltimore Comic Con… but have no fear these are San Diego Comic Con […]

Awesome! Great news from the Con – we are getting another Colossus action figure to look forward to in 2013. At the Hasbro Panel – the Marvel team announced a new team box set during their presentation.  The Uncanny X-Men 3-pack will include The Colossonaut, Emma Frost and Cyclops. It is based on the Juggernaut […]