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Another summer, another con, another year I am not there 😦 However for the third year in a row; I present you with the San Diego Comic Con news roundup regarding Colossus (and a few other interesting non-related new items). See previous years (2011, 2012) X-Men: Days Of Future Past While Daniel Cudmore was not […]

The Colossonaut was previously announced and previewed (unpainted) at SDCC 2012. But at ToyFair 2013 held in New York over the weekend – we get to see the painted version… looks pretty! The Colossonaut is packaged as an Uncanny X-Men three-pack along with Cyclops and Emma Frost.

Awesome! Great news from the Con – we are getting another Colossus action figure to look forward to in 2013. At the Hasbro Panel – the Marvel team announced a new team box set during their presentation.  The Uncanny X-Men 3-pack will include The Colossonaut, Emma Frost and Cyclops. It is based on the Juggernaut […]

So despite my complaining in the SDCC 2012 News post… I actually own this! Now in all likelihood I have probably wasted my money buying a pre-released item from a Chinese seller on eBay. It may well appear on the shelves soon… so all I can do is cash in now on the fact I […]

Remember this; nearly a year ago the Colossus/Juggernaut Two Pack was announced at San Diego Comic Con – for release in September 2011. Well it didn’t happen… delays, shifting of dates and rumors of cancelation are still rampant. The latest date I’ve seen is July 2012 which I am hoping will hold up… and as […]

The Two Doctors


I went on a pilgramage to my local comic shop yesterday – to absorb the nerdiness severly lacking in everyday life and search for Uncanny X-Men (recent) back issues. There was actually a sale on Marvel Universe figures – and while they didnt have that many different ones… they had these at half price: How […]

I had previously reported on the upcoming Colossus figure here. Well time has passed and a few weeks ago Wave 8 (2010) was released and started appearing online. I evilbayed for the Juggernaut, Arcangel and of course, Colossus. I’ve been picking up a few of these as I went along – if I liked the character or […]