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After some nail-biting anticipation and fond memories; MattyCollector has posted great news: MOTUC Fans, You did it! In a last minute rush, you fans rallied the troops and saved Castle Grayskull®. Not only were enough pre-orders placed to hit the minimum production goal needed to go into production, you went all He-Man® vs. Skeletor® on […]

Here’s another papercraft marvel – I’ve included the original photo until I get round to attempting this for a second time. I tried to make this once before but the paper used was too light and glue isnt really the best for these joints. Well, today I braved the snow and the Christmas shoppers to […]

The are a number of talented artists online doing amazing papercraft work. I found this awesome paper model of Colossus over at Uncanny X-Paper. I’ve re-published the Colossus design sheets below – but if you are thinking of making it; I urge you to check it out from the source and see the other amazing […]