Fastball Statue



This is an awesome 1/4 scale custom. But it is $3000 so I won’t be getting it. See it on ebay.



Came across another Colossus in this 20 pack of metal nano figures from Jada Toys, Inc. They are small, slightly less than 2″ in height, but reasonable sculpt for its size.NanoMetalfigs-Marvel-XMen-20Pack-Package-01-1030x687

In order to keep costs and space down I just picked up Colossus on ebay.



This little, badly kept-up-to-date, blog has been a source of much amusement over the years and has surprised me multiple times. So, my dear Internet, here is my latest ask. I desperately want the Harmontown movie poster (the official full size 27″x40″ one from the Harmontown store). Please contact me if you have one for sale, or to gloat.



It’s that time of the year again! Time to get excited by the biggest nerd convention on earth. And the exclusives this year are extensive with some gems among a plethora of collectables; you need to be very selective when on a budget. However the following few are ones that caught my eye and I’d be easily persuaded to part with cold hard cash (or hot soft credit) for!

Funko Pop – Dustin (Snowball Dance)

Who doesn’t love Stranger Things? This is an awesome exclusive and I suspect really popular among fans as it was from one of the most touching scenes in season 2.



MOTU getting a great showing from Funko and Super7 this year.

Ram Man is a must for any fan.


Stinkor is probably not at the top of the list of any fans favorite villans but making him scented is either a nice gimmick or if he smells bad a really stupid idea! On the fence for this.


Laughing Adam from Super7 is a great exclusive. Its just weird enough to peek interest but since I am trying to reduce my scope of collectables I might pass on this (and regret it later)



I am passing on Predator Hawkins from NECA even though its freakin Shane Black.

Enjoy the SDCC madness… I’ll update you if I buy anything!

1. Kevin Smith in Blue Hockey Jersey

Kevin worn the Blue/Orange Oilers colors for so long but hasn’t been represented in either an inaction figure or a pop. This needs to happen as a Con Exclusive.

2. Rob Bruce the PopCulturist

We NEED this to round out the Comic Book Men roster. How cool would a Rob Bruce pop be? It might just be the coolest pop on the planet. Con/Stash Exclusive.

3. Rufus from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

There’s Bill. There’s Ted. There’s Rufus. The trifecta of bodaciousness. There is announced but unrevealed B&T swag in this month’s Loot Crate. I am hoping its a Rufus pop.

4. Bogus Journey Pops

This makes soo much sense. Bogus Journey had a more Saturday morning cartoon feel than EA and is ripe for Popification.  Think of this line up:

Bill w/ Dead Bill chase, Ted w/ Dead Ted chase, Death, STATION!, Evil Bill, Evil Ted (basically B&T with sunglasses), DeNomolos

It would be awesome!

5. Manchester United

We need Juan Mata. A Fellaini pop with his amazing hair just makes sense. England hero Lingard.


[UPDATE: Feb 1, 2019] Amazingly we got a second wave including Rashford, Fellaini and Sanchez. However, there must be a Funko Pop curse, first Zlatan and now Fellaini. I guess we might not get Fellaini now as he’s transferred to China. (I hope they do release it).


WTF Funko! Why is Mr. Schwarzenegger not better represented. If its a rights thing please get it fixed – We need ARNOLD – he’s a living Pop Culture Icon:

Commando, Predator, Running Man, Terminator, Last Action Hero (ahem)

7. Jason Bourne

Ok – it’s hard to make this distinctive but its Jason ‘at this altitude I can run flat out for half a mile before my hands start shaking’ BOURNE.

8. Felix Leiter from Casino Royale/Quantum

You already have Jeffery Wright as Bernard from Westworld – so this is easy. DO IT.

9. Winston 107 from Ghostbusters

This has speciality series written all over it. Why did this not get produced at the time?


[UPDATE: Feb 23, 2019] They announced a complete new wave (basically repeating the first wave… has Funko done that before?) at NY Toy Fair including Winston.

10. Bones, Uhura from Star Trek Original Series

I keep seeing Michelle Nichols signing Uhura pops from Star Trek Beyond and it makes me sad she doesn’t have her own pop for her ground-breaking role.

I get why you made Scotty in the first wave (red shirt) but come on… Bones was the third lead behind Kirk and Spock and part of the command tripod.

Oh and make Sulu and Chekov too. Please.

11. Jaws

Again… what the complete fuck. JAWS is POP CULTURE. No further explanation needed.

Brody, Hooper, Quint and “Bruce” please. Three potential variants of Bruce. A 10″ vertical pop. The window boxes of a 4″ pop allow for either, the head (as per the poster) or the fin in the water. Neither are typical Pop fair… but would be fun.


[UPDATE: Feb 23, 2019] Wishes do come true. Announced at NY Toy Fair, Brody, Hooper, Quint and two flavors of Bruce… one with airtank in mouth and one without. I think the shark is 6″ pop scale. Be interesting to see the boxes. Anyway. Thank you Funko.

12. Colossus from Deadpool/Deadpool2

Easy. Do it.

13. Tyler Durden

Iconic. And I love the irony.

14. Harmontown

This has to happen. Dan, Jeff and Spencer please.

15. More Keanu Reeves Pops… KR as Jack Traven in Speed and Johnny Utah in Point Break. Actually Pappas, Sharp, Bodhi, Warchild, we need PB pops!

Getting these out there since the line is expanding with Star Wars, DC and the upcoming Infinity War. There four new Marvel ones but my favourite is Thanos.

Anyway – I had been working on these before Christmas; mostly based of Jim Lee era designs although I went with the classic Cyclops + Marvel Girl (love that 60s hair-do!)

Favourite? Probably Wolverine. It looks the most “licenced” I think with the official claws and I thought the brown studs vs the smooth yellow was a nice touch on the mask.

Second favorite; Juggernaut. Big arms. Big Helmet head.

I did a Colossonaut variant in dark red. I really like the double fingers on Nightcrawler (and the pirate sword!). The hair on the girls was the hardest part – i modified the official Black Widow designs; Marvel Girl gets a more 60s look; Rogue gets a bob (which admittedly isnt Jim Lee era – but the costume is right out of the 90’s X-Men reboot).

I am still not happy with Nightcrawlers hair.

I went through about six version of Marvel Girls mask and it is still not right – I think I was low on the 1×4 tan tile at the time. But that is the best version I could do at the time.

Apologies for the awful photography!

I think they look good sitting among the real official ones. I like them cause they are most easy to build… don’t use too many bricks and look fun!



Short post. I picked this up on eBay after months of deliberation. Lets face it the toy prototype market is subject to many fakeries (word?). And to drop the almighty dollar on something that has no resale value is not something I like doing. I’ve stated this before – I like commercially available things – official things – prototypes of offical commerically available things is moving into those grey areas. Anyway after much thinking I decided to go for this and I am pleased with it and convinced it is a legitimate prototype from a reputable US seller.

When Lego announced the Brick Headz line I was fairly indifferent.

I was watching a video on YouTube of someones Lego room and they had the Marvel ones sitting on a shelf; it piqued my interest. They looked awesome. A week later there was a 3 for 2 sale at the local toy shop and suddenly I had 9 in my shopping cart. I picked up the 4 Batman, 4 Marvel + an extra Hulk.

I built all eight and really enjoyed the builds. I only realized later that the internal pink brick in the head was to represent the brain – it is SO obvious and I missed it. I did wonder at the time but I thought they were just trying to help builders increase their pink brick inventory. It is such an easy extra for Lego to do but those little details really impress me.

With all the official commercially-available (there are some convention exclusives going for crazy money on ebay) sets, that I want anyway*, attentions turned to building a custom Colossus yesterday morning. There is only one other obvious custom online that I could find. I didn’t look very hard, but I found a Deadpool movie version that looks like a computer rendering.

I wanted to create a more traditional version in the classic costume. It was also important to keep the build inline with the official Lego instructions where possible. I have a pretty good Lego brick inventory but I needed the internal head pieces (and the pink brain) from an official set. So I cracked open my remaining Hulk and started to iterate.




There were quite a few design choices and considerations to get to the final build.

  1. Eyes. The Brick Headz line has a standard set of round black, with white square highlights, for most of the characters. Iron Man has square “frosted” white eyes. Batman has round white eyes that glow-in-the-dark. Traditionally Colossus in his organic steel form is drawn with white eyes but since the official builds have a number of printed bricks and this won’t have any I went with the official eyes instead of the white.
  2. Arms. I copied the Hulk instructions for the arms. Unfortunately they don’t produce (I think – I couldn’t find reference to any on Bricklink) a dark grey thin-hinge-plate 2×2 I had to go with the light grey. Its not a huge deal. The construction of the shoulders, arms and hands worked well – with the Lego essentially providing the Trademark Colossus metal “lines”. I decided against red gauntlets as the arms aren’t long enough to make that look good.
  3. Hair. This might be the only thing I might revisit. Even though Colossus has a shiny black hair style with a front-v – I went with just a basic flat tile on top. The reasoning was I could not figure out a good way to do the front-v – anything I tried looked wrong (with the bricks I have). Either too high or just wrong. I might revisit.
  4. Chest. This was easily the hardest part to figure out. With no printed bricks available I want to introduce some texture. I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome – I used 1×1 plates for the abs and torch with 1×1 tiles to make the pecs.
  5. Tunic. I think this is my favorite part of the build. I was looking at putting something over the shoulder. I considered using a red-socket-hinge on the arms but I liked it being grey – looked more natural. So I needed something over the top but I was aware these are abstract and are essentially 4×4 construction. But I came up with red “fins” that slope backwards and then 1x1x2/3 slopes to make up the V shape of his tunic.
  6. Belt. I could think of nothing that got this done. Anything I tried was either too bulky or hard to get central – this is pretty small scale. I decided to just put a 2×1 plate in to represent the belt buckle. I originally had a dark grey in place but it looked uneven since the head is dark grey. I tried blue (as a sort of throw back to the powered-down original costume) but it wasn’t right so went with black.

That was the major decisions. Everything else was standard. I think it worked out really well and it stands up against the official builds nicely.


(Sorry the light in the pics is so poor… I’ve spent an hour trying to fix it to no avail! Need crash course in photography!).

I am still here… despite being consumed by work and the gym and family… blah, blah, blah.

So this years Con. As per usual I look longingly from afar half a world away. I may never get to nerd out in SD but I will not stop picking up exclusive swag.

This years haul includes:


Lego Brickheadz Spider-Man/Venom Exclusive – I am going to be super annoyed if they release Spider-Man separately. Although lets face it they probably will. It’s Spider-Man ffs. Lego really need to sort out their convention exclusive policies – it is a Lego collectors expensive nightmare.


This is epic from NECA. I actually picked this up on NECA convention pre-sale (Very classy move for those who can’t attend). I already have Rufus; but am yet to pick up Bill or Ted. Speaking of NECA – I also picked up this:


Jungle Briefing Dutch. Which might be one of the stupidest, and yet awesome, figures ever made. This is why limited run convention exclusives are great. Weird figures for the hardcore collectors.

I also have another purchase to list but wont do it until it is in hand.

Hope you all had fun attending/collecting or just reading about SDCC this year!