Only feel passionate enough about six movies – anything else would be padding:

6. The Intern 
Pretty surprising that this is on the list as I’m not a fan of Anne Hathaway, but I like the startup plot, De Niro in his cosier role, the supporting cast and Hathaway doesn’t her best.

5. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Sucker for Ethan Hunt doing the impossible (again).

4. Mad Max: Fury Road
Great movie. Tom Hardy makes a great Max.

3. The Martian
The Extended Cut is preferred; Ridley Scott does a solid job bringing this to the silver screen but Andy Weir’s book is still better.

2. Steve Jobs
Crafted by Danny Boyle from a Sorkin script; Fassbender becomes indistinguishable from Jobs. Masterclass of film making on show.

1. The Big Short
It’s clever. It’s funny. It’s GENIUS.

Also Watched: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, The Witch, The Hateful Eight, Spectre, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Knock Knock, Sicario, Inside Out, Ant-Man, Terminator Genisys, Fast & Furious 7, Spotlight, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Focus, Jurassic World, Bridge of Spies, San Andreas, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, Bone Tomahawk, Spy, Fantastic Four, Creed, Pixels, Pitch Perfect 2, Insurgent, Self/less, Trainwreck, Point Break, Aloha, The Duff, Hitman: Agent 47, Ted 2, Circle, Sisters, Get Hard, The Stanford Prison Experiment, Blackhat, Eddie the Eagle, Project Almanac, The Wedding Ringer, The Bronze, Staten Island Summer, Martyrs, Mr. Holmes,

Special Feature – Worst Movie of the Year:  Some fucking awful movies this year so here is a list:

  • Point Break (boring remake utterly devoid of interesting characters)
  • Aloha (seriously Cameron; where did it all go so wrong?)
  • Terminator Genisys (they’ll just keep churning these out won’t they?)
  • Spectre (it doesn’t actually deserve to be on my worst list BUT it has my biggest movie bugbare – a pointless reveal that only the audience understands)

Special Feature – Best Documentary: The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?

Special Feature – Best Soundtrack(s): Steve Jobs, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Special Feature – Best Trailer: Spectre

Special Feature – Premise War:  Soaked in Bleach vs. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Top 10 Favourite Films201120122013, 2014

10. It Follows
Best premise for a horror movies since… maybe ever?

9. Divergent
Embarrassingly high placement of this but it’s actually really good. (The sequels are terrible and aren’t worth watching).

8. Million Dollar Arm
I’m a sucker for a good Disney sports movie.

7. The Equalizer
Ridiculous remake of a British 80’s TV series that wasn’t good to begin with. But lets face it; Denzel makes it work.

6. Chef
Favreau. Food. “It’s MOLTEN”

5. Draft Day
A poor man’s Moneyball this is arguably the worst movie on the list BUT it’s infinitely watchable with good actors and an enjoyable last half an hour (despite Costner’s super cringey “I love this job” line… seriously who the fuck thought that was a good idea?)

4. Ex Machina
Mental. Brilliant.

3. American Sniper
Bradley Cooper proving (again) what a great actor he is. Eastwood still making great movies.

2. Gone Girl

1. John Wick

Also watched: Edge of Tomorrow, Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tusk, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Big Hero 6, Lucy, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Maze Runner, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Babadook, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Lego Movie, Boyhood, Godzilla, 300: Rise of an Empire, Noah, Sex Tape, 22 Jump Street, A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Voices, Bad Neighbors, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Deliver Us From Evil, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Other Woman, Transcendence, Creep, Robocop, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Guest, 3 Days to Kill, Veronica Mars, Horrible Bosses 2, Whiplash, Walk of Shame, The Purge: Anarchy, “Men, Women & Children”, The Monuments Men, Clown, Zombeavers, The Inbetweeners 2, Cooties, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, V/H/S Viral, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films

Special Feature – Worst Movie of the Year: Interstellar (I thought it was drivel)

Special Feature – Best Documentary: Harmontown

Special Feature – Best soundtracks: The Guest

Special Feature – Premise War: Hercules vs The Legend of Hercules

Top 10 Favourite Films: 2011, 2012, 2013


Click here to pre-order:

And see more pics…


Lockheed comes with the Exclusive.

Fastball Statue



This is an awesome 1/4 scale custom. But it is $3000 so I won’t be getting it. See it on ebay.



Came across another Colossus in this 20 pack of metal nano figures from Jada Toys, Inc. They are small, slightly less than 2″ in height, but reasonable sculpt for its size.NanoMetalfigs-Marvel-XMen-20Pack-Package-01-1030x687

In order to keep costs and space down I just picked up Colossus on ebay.



This little, badly kept-up-to-date, blog has been a source of much amusement over the years and has surprised me multiple times. So, my dear Internet, here is my latest ask. I desperately want the Harmontown movie poster (the official full size 27″x40″ one from the Harmontown store). Please contact me if you have one for sale, or to gloat.



It’s that time of the year again! Time to get excited by the biggest nerd convention on earth. And the exclusives this year are extensive with some gems among a plethora of collectables; you need to be very selective when on a budget. However the following few are ones that caught my eye and I’d be easily persuaded to part with cold hard cash (or hot soft credit) for!

Funko Pop – Dustin (Snowball Dance)

Who doesn’t love Stranger Things? This is an awesome exclusive and I suspect really popular among fans as it was from one of the most touching scenes in season 2.



MOTU getting a great showing from Funko and Super7 this year.

Ram Man is a must for any fan.


Stinkor is probably not at the top of the list of any fans favorite villans but making him scented is either a nice gimmick or if he smells bad a really stupid idea! On the fence for this.


Laughing Adam from Super7 is a great exclusive. Its just weird enough to peek interest but since I am trying to reduce my scope of collectables I might pass on this (and regret it later)



I am passing on Predator Hawkins from NECA even though its freakin Shane Black.

Enjoy the SDCC madness… I’ll update you if I buy anything!

1. Kevin Smith in Blue Hockey Jersey

Kevin worn the Blue/Orange Oilers colors for so long but hasn’t been represented in either an inaction figure or a pop. This needs to happen as a Con Exclusive.

[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] This is never going to happen.

2. Rob Bruce the PopCulturist

We NEED this to round out the Comic Book Men roster. How cool would a Rob Bruce pop be? It might just be the coolest pop on the planet. Con/Stash Exclusive.

[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] This is never going to happen.

3. Rufus from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

There’s Bill. There’s Ted. There’s Rufus. The trifecta of bodaciousness. There is announced but unrevealed B&T swag in this month’s Loot Crate. I am hoping its a Rufus pop.

4. Bogus Journey Pops

This makes soo much sense. Bogus Journey had a more Saturday morning cartoon feel than EA and is ripe for Popification.  Think of this line up:

Bill w/ Dead Bill chase, Ted w/ Dead Ted chase, Death, STATION!, Evil Bill, Evil Ted (basically B&T with sunglasses), DeNomolos

It would be awesome!

[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] You’d have to think that with Face the Music coming out this year we’ll get some new pops.


5. Manchester United

We need Juan Mata. A Fellaini pop with his amazing hair just makes sense. England hero Lingard.


[UPDATE: Feb 1, 2019] Amazingly we got a second wave including Rashford, Fellaini and Sanchez. However, there must be a Funko Pop curse, first Zlatan and now Fellaini. I guess we might not get Fellaini now as he’s transferred to China. (I hope they do release it).

[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] Fuck. New wave of Soccer pops and no ManU at all. Have we fallen that far? Please give us Mata, Fernandes, Ighalo, Wan Bissaka. I’d even buy a Fred.


WTF Funko! Why is Mr. Schwarzenegger not better represented. If its a rights thing please get it fixed – We need ARNOLD – he’s a living Pop Culture Icon:

Commando, Predator, Running Man, Terminator, Last Action Hero (ahem)

[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] Terminator Dark Fate Arnold release. Good start. Now go back to the 80s and celebrate the man.

7. Jason Bourne

Ok – it’s hard to make this distinctive but its Jason ‘at this altitude I can run flat out for half a mile before my hands start shaking’ BOURNE.

8. Felix Leiter from Casino Royale/Quantum

You already have Jeffery Wright as Bernard from Westworld – so this is easy. DO IT.

[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] Will we get pops for No Time To Die?

9. Winston 107 from Ghostbusters

This has speciality series written all over it. Why did this not get produced at the time?


[UPDATE: Feb 23, 2019] They announced a complete new wave (basically repeating the first wave… has Funko done that before?) at NY Toy Fair including Winston.

10. Bones, Uhura from Star Trek Original Series

I keep seeing Michelle Nichols signing Uhura pops from Star Trek Beyond and it makes me sad she doesn’t have her own pop for her ground-breaking role.

I get why you made Scotty in the first wave (red shirt) but come on… Bones was the third lead behind Kirk and Spock and part of the command tripod.

Oh and make Sulu and Chekov too. Please.

11. Jaws

Again… what the complete fuck. JAWS is POP CULTURE. No further explanation needed.

Brody, Hooper, Quint and “Bruce” please. Three potential variants of Bruce. A 10″ vertical pop. The window boxes of a 4″ pop allow for either, the head (as per the poster) or the fin in the water. Neither are typical Pop fair… but would be fun.


[UPDATE: Feb 23, 2019] Wishes do come true. Announced at NY Toy Fair, Brody, Hooper, Quint and two flavors of Bruce… one with airtank in mouth and one without. I think the shark is 6″ pop scale. Be interesting to see the boxes. Anyway. Thank you Funko.

12. Colossus from Deadpool/Deadpool2

Easy. Do it.

13. Tyler Durden

Iconic. And I love the irony.
[UPDATE: March 8, 2020] They are releasing Tyler and the best chase ever?

14. Harmontown

This has to happen. Dan, Jeff and Spencer please.

15. More Keanu Reeves Pops… KR as Jack Traven in Speed and Johnny Utah in Point Break. Actually Pappas, Sharp, Bodhi, Warchild, we need PB pops!



[UPDATE: March 8, 2020]
16. More Major League
– they continue to release good pops and after my Major League pops of Jake Taylor and Rick Vaughn arrived; I now want Cerrano and Willie Mays Hays. (I’d even buy a Roger Dorn).


Getting these out there since the line is expanding with Star Wars, DC and the upcoming Infinity War. There four new Marvel ones but my favourite is Thanos.

Anyway – I had been working on these before Christmas; mostly based of Jim Lee era designs although I went with the classic Cyclops + Marvel Girl (love that 60s hair-do!)

Favourite? Probably Wolverine. It looks the most “licenced” I think with the official claws and I thought the brown studs vs the smooth yellow was a nice touch on the mask.

Second favorite; Juggernaut. Big arms. Big Helmet head.

I did a Colossonaut variant in dark red. I really like the double fingers on Nightcrawler (and the pirate sword!). The hair on the girls was the hardest part – i modified the official Black Widow designs; Marvel Girl gets a more 60s look; Rogue gets a bob (which admittedly isnt Jim Lee era – but the costume is right out of the 90’s X-Men reboot).

I am still not happy with Nightcrawlers hair.

I went through about six version of Marvel Girls mask and it is still not right – I think I was low on the 1×4 tan tile at the time. But that is the best version I could do at the time.

Apologies for the awful photography!

I think they look good sitting among the real official ones. I like them cause they are most easy to build… don’t use too many bricks and look fun!