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The XBOX achievement list has been released for Lego Marvel Super Heroes and looky looky… the “Fastball Special” is one of them! For the uninitiated this requires Colossus to throw Wolverine into battle or as Microsoft puts it: “Perform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine”. Well done TT – you have knocked this […]

Another summer, another con, another year I am not there 😦 However for the third year in a row; I present you with the San Diego Comic Con news roundup regarding Colossus (and a few other interesting non-related new items). See previous years (2011, 2012) X-Men: Days Of Future Past While Daniel Cudmore was not […]

The biggest Comic Convention of them all is nearly over for another year; as the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 moves into its final day – the news about Comics and cult TV & Movies has been coming thick and fast. As always I look for Colossus news throughout the weekend (and it sometimes can be […]

My copy of Lego Batman The Movie arrived in the post a few days ago… I shamelessly admit to purchasing solely for the Clark Kent mid-change Superman minifigure – which is very cool indeed. I continue to think that Lego are missing a huge market blister-packing carded minifigures…

Lego Jor-El


Russell Crowe becomes the latest celebrity to be Legoized. Legoization (I am just making up words today) is more rare than getting on the Simpsons. It is a poly-bagged promo mini-figure – as yet undetermined how to purchase – but looks cool. I believe Harrison Ford is the only person to be Lego-ized twice — […]

Finally the Lego announcement I have been waiting for: All we need now is for Colossus to be one of the 100 playable characters… fingers crossed!

This arrived mid-week. Apologies for the grainy photo – had to take it with my iPhone as I’ve (temporarily) lost my camera sd card. Anyway – while I wait for more Marvel Lego… I purchased this on Star Wars Day –  May the fourth. Looking forward to building this… Update: Pretty cool video with the […]

It has been a bumper-year for Lego Games; 2011 brought us three major titles: Star Wars – The Clone Wars, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Harry Potter (though I, personally am not interested in HP). With the announcement of Lego licenses for DC and Marvel earlier this year – it is great to see that Traveller’s […]

My complete set of Lego minifigures series 4 arrived today. I marveled at the quality, detail and diversity as I built the 16 plastic men and women that make up the latest series (actually series 5 is out already). I thought I’d rank the 16 in order for fun! So in worf order (that’s worst-first […]