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The FedEx van dropped off the latest entry to The Collection mid-week. I’ve been so busy I didn’t crack open the familiar brown shipper until this morning… It’s hard to beat the new smell of cardboard, polystrene and paint. I believe this piece is the first produced item with the new suit (see here from […]

In the run up to SDCC I completely missed the notices going out from Sideshow regarding the pre-order of the Colossus Comiquette. I caught the wait list for the exclusive the day after it sold-out/was released. I checked my email this morning and my wait list has been ‘activated’ into a real order. I am […]

The first shot of the Sideshow Colossus Comiquette has appeared online. Should be scheduled for release Q1 2011 I think. Looks pretty good even with the baby-grow jump-suit 🙂