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It has taken a while – nearly four weeks – to rank up another century. The squad now sits at a very respectable 800 with the addtions of Ant Man, Giant Man, Punisher and Nick Fury all MAXed out; and Tuxedo Thing, Spider-Woman and Iron Patriot in progress. I tried to patiently wait for the […]

I purposely omitted the stats from the last update as I promised myself I would not post until I got to a Squad Rank of 700. But I was so pleased with myself that I had saved enough Gold to buy the new character(s) and discounted characters on the release day that I had to […]

I didn’t even stop to take a photo of the Hulk Single Launcher and the only noteworthy disc I got was 040. The Punisher (Green). Will add the new 10 to the master list.