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Click here to pre-order: And see more pics… Lockheed comes with the Exclusive.

Black Cat is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. The moment I saw this – this was a must have. It is my first Legendary Scale Bust from Sideshow – Colossus will be the second – I think this is one of the best statues/busts out there – they’ve captured her beauty […]

In the run up to SDCC I completely missed the notices going out from Sideshow regarding the pre-order of the Colossus Comiquette. I caught the wait list for the exclusive the day after it sold-out/was released. I checked my email this morning and my wait list has been ‘activated’ into a real order. I am […]

Here we are at a mile-stone. This is my 100th post and you would think I would have made it Colossus related? Not this time – when I gravitated back to this blog I decided I’d post what I wanted and when I wanted to – it was too restrictive before only posting about Colossus. […]

OK. It’s time. The Holy Grail. Yes I own it… and not just the regular statue; the exclusive – the one that lights up – the one limited to 650 worldwide. Yep. That one. In fact look at these promotional shots of easily the most impressive statue I own: Now, I’ll admit it, I was uber late […]