[Update: February 2017] Three years later I have hardly ANY of the stuff below…

Please contact me if you have any of these items for sale or have any further information on them. Thanks!


  • All figures wanted Mint On Mint Card unless stated
  • Matty toys must have white mailer
  • Sideshow statues must have cardboard shipper box
  • Original One Sheet Posters are preferred as Double-Sided if available.


  • McFarlane LOST (TV Show) – Series 2 figures
  • NECA Lost Boys Figures
  • NECA Rocky – Drago with Yellow Shorts
  • PITT Build-A-Figure
  • Any Simpsons “Comic Book Guy” –  Bobblehead, Burger King Movie, kidrobot, statue in a tin
  • Coach Homer
  • Kenner Sportstars
    • England team (except Lineker – as got)
    • Liverpool (Nicol, Grobbelaar) Dalglish not produced)
    • Manchester United (McClair, Leighton, Bruce, Robson)
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Original One Sheet US Poster
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – US Lobby Cards
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Figures
      • Abe Lincoln
      • Grim Reaper
      • Billy The Kid
      • Rufus
  • Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – Original One Sheet US Poster
  • Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – US Lobby Cards
  • Bill & Ted Bobbleheads
  • Ghostbusters Advanced Poster – Original One Sheet US Poster
  • Ghostbusters (by MattyCollector)
      • Winston
      • Winston Slime Blower,
      • Ray Slime Blower
      • Others… need to check inventory
  • Ghostbusters (By NECA) – looking for everything especially the Series 1 figures (got Zuul and Slimer)
  • Ghostbusters (The Real Ghostbusters Figures)
      • Mr Stay Puft
      • Slimer
  • Kevin Smith InAction figures
      • Red Boston Variant
      • Clerks II Set
      • Chasing Amy Set
      • Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Set
  • Lee’s Action Figure & Toy Review
      • Missing issues
  • Masters Of The Universe Classics (MOTUC by MattyCollector)
      • Cringer (loose)
      • Castle Grayskull
      • Sorceress
  • Star Trek The Motion Picture (by Mego)
      • All figures
  • Star Trek The Wrath of Khan (by Diamond Select)
      • All figures
  • Thundercats (by LGN)
      • Panthro
      • S-S-Slithe
      • Thundertank (loose)

And last but not least COLOSSUS:

Unknown Colossus Statue #1 – Possibly produced by Marvel – Paint Your Own.

UDA Heroic Moments X-Men Danger Room Colossus Statue – Produced by Upper Deck Fine Art.


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