About Colossus:
The X-Men’s strongest mutant, Colossus, can transform his body tissue into an organic, steel-like substance that grants him superhuman strength and a high degree of imperviousness to injury.

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About Butler:

Favorite Writers: Bendis, Sean McKeever, Mark Millar, Stan Lee
Favorite Artists: Jim Lee, JR Jr, Steve McNiven

One Response to “About”

  1. Hey man, I think this site/blog is great. Colossus is my favorite X-Man and I really dig what is going on at this site. I registered and logged in just to have communication with you. Where is the main page or chatroom or whatever. You can leave me emails at http://www.colossus1018@aol.com . I would like to continue correspondence and build my own site too. I am very ignorant of blogging and whatnot, though. How long have you been a fan? How old are ya? How long has the site been up? Great job and hope to hear from you soon.

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