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I love Mary Jane Watson Parker. It feels like I’ve said this before… oh yes… here. I have the Adam Hughes inspired Sideshow Comiquette released a few years ago. Last week they posted this image (with video) on their development blog: (Image at original size – see Sideshow Blog here) It looks pretty. A J […]

It has to be said that the Marvel Select line is one of the best action figure lines currently on the market. And the latest addition (out January 2013) is one of Spider-Man’s biggest foes Venom. It is a great sculpt and will come with multiple head variants including a McFarlane variant – which is […]

Todd McFarlane


When I found my first local comic shop; the owner was a big fan of McFarlane’s work on Amazing Spider-Man and got me hooked – in fact my first two subscriptions were Amazing Spider-Man (with Erik Larsen pencilling) and Spider-Man (with Todd on writing and pencilling duties). I got into the X-Men a little later […]

Here we are at a mile-stone. This is my 100th post and you would think I would have made it Colossus related? Not this time – when I gravitated back to this blog I decided I’d post what I wanted and when I wanted to – it was too restrictive before only posting about Colossus. […]