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It has been a long wait… I previewed Marvel Select’s Abomination back in 2010 (here). I stumbled upon this when I was last at my LCS. There was joy in my heart as I saw it on the rack – the box was in good shape and when I lifted this figure for a close […]

* According to stats available in Tom O’Malley’s Top Trumps book: … although I have also reduced the list to “The Brawlers” – the big guys who rely on only their fists to win fights. (Namor, Thor, Apocalypse, Silver Surfer and Galactus have been left out on this basis). Beast – 1 ton Colossus – 70 tons Rhino – 80 […]

The Marvel Select line are hitting it out of the park with these larger characters… they’ve picked great looks to model the characters on.. and the chunkiness fits the articulation much more smoothly. The Abomination — the arguably the Hulk’s greatest foe looks great and I’ll definitely pick this up.