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JJ – take note. The girl is Nicole Whittaker – go like her on facebook! I promise the next post will be about non-babe related things (its just been one of those weeks)… maybe something Colossus related for a change…

Mary Jane


The first Spider-Man comic I ever purchased was Amazing Spider-Man #333 (pencilled by Erik Larsen). It was my introduction to one of my favourite Comic Book characters; Mary Jane Watson (then Parker) – a fiery red-headed super-model/actress who had the measure of Peter. And it is amazing how the mind remembers things – the above […]

Awesome! Great news from the Con – we are getting another Colossus action figure to look forward to in 2013. At the Hasbro Panel – the Marvel team announced a new team box set during their presentation.  The Uncanny X-Men 3-pack will include The Colossonaut, Emma Frost and Cyclops. It is based on the Juggernaut […]

Looky looky. I love these tumblers – but they’ve been unbelievably difficult to acquire as they are printed in limited runs and once the run has sold that’s it. So they have a pretty awesome resale value. I picked up the clear glass version of this way back in December 2010 when my brother very […]

I loathe the 3D cinema experience – I thought Avatar was an incredibly poor movie for story/plot and three dimensions. It remains the first and last movie I have watched in modern 3D. I paid my ten dollars apiece to see Thor and Captain America – The First Avenger in old fashioned 2D. However; It […]

The unbelievable has happened. Lego have signed with Marvel & DC to produce a range of (primarly) mini figs. (It is not that unbelievable actually… Lego have had previous deals for Batman, Spider-Man and Disney properties (Toy Story etc)… and their range of mini fig collections have done very well). I was painting up mini figs as […]

I wish I was in San Diego… there’s a number of Colossus related items and news! X-Men #1 – 20th Anniversary Edition – Recolored by Tom Mason Which looks awesome and it means we’ll see a new version of my favorite Jim Lee Colossus image!   Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs – Colossus vs. […]

I don’t often mention music but this is just too awesome – it premiered last night on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show – it evokes the 80’s, 90’s and just awesomeness!

My brother very kindly bought me a Colossus Toon Tumbler for Christmas! It is also the first item I can stroke off the wanted list. Produced by PopFun Merchandising.