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Short update to my previous commentary on this years new and returning shows.  After a half dozen episodes of each: these are my latest thoughts… The Blacklist (Season 1) I think it is easily the best new series this year… despite the issues I have with letting a top-ten most-wanted criminal loose to continue his […]

2013 Fall TV


Well it is that time of year again – the time when we the (tv) consumer get to pick our favourite new shows, re-engage with the “best” shows that got renewed last year and of course schedule the winter nights viewing for the rest of the year! I’ll start with the existing shows I’ll be […]

AMC’s Comic Book Men continues to be a guilty pleasure of mine – but I’d be the first to admit that the half-hour format of Season 2 is not working that well. The joy of Season 1 was the lack of polish the show had – jokes were allowed to simmer and stack up; everyone […]

Comic Book Men


Have you seen this show? Admittedly I am a big fan of Kevin Smith – although I am more of a fan of the man rather than his filmedic output. I am much more interested in his standup, his commentary, his writing about his life and his fictional work for Marvel and DC. So I […]

After 5 seasons;  the nerd-spy-action-comedy-adventure creation of Josh Schwartz (The OC) and Chris Fedak is over. The 2007 pilot season was a good one – but there were two shows that stood out for me – Life and Chuck. I still remember watching the unaired pilot of Chuck (which had a temporary music cues stripped from John […]

Rookie Blue


I’ve just finished watching the first episode of new cop series Rookie Blue. While it is uneven and mostly cheese-filled tv cliche… there is ultimate redemption in the form of hot babe Missy Peregrym. She is utterly adorable. I’ll be tuning in next week to see how she gets on…



I finally sat down and watched Fringe. And it is great, great television. While The X-Files was a much loved phenomenon, Mulder and Scully were for the most part fairly unlikable characters; both lonely orphan’s roaming the world, and the paranormal, looking for answers that never came. I was a huge X-Files fan; but I must […]

Chuck: Season 4


According to the trades on the interweb – Chuck has been renewed for a 13 episode pickup next season. Which I am very pleased and relieved to hear. With Lost ending (which I have enjoyed but am kinda glad it is coming to a close) and a number of uninspiring sounding pilots getting picked up […]