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After months of rumors and speculation; the San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusives announcements have started to appear! As per previous years there is always some very cool and very collectable items… none more so than a Diamond Select Marvel Minimate of The Colossonaut! (Which I believe is the first toy/actionfigure line to produce this […]

I finally picked this up on evilbay – as the post title eloquently suggests; this is a giant sized heroclix and apparently is “super rare”. There are about 20 available to buy on the ‘bay so it can’t be that rare (or no one else wants it!). Anyway it is pretty detailed for what it […]

Marvel Squinkies (by Blip Toys) exist… they appear to be pencil-top squishy “things” however they are apparently very collectable and sell like hotcakes! Like every good X-Men toy line – Colossus is represented. Anounced on in November 2011 – I purchased a couple of X-Men packs from a seller in Hong Kong. Colossus is […]

Promo images of the unreleased Marvel Attacktix Battle Masters: Colossus & Magneto.

More plastic nonsense from Marvel and Hasbro… The Handful of Heroes are randomly filled blister-packs of little uni-colored (that a word?) plastic injection-molded collectable toys/models! Not sure what the target audience of these are… but there are three variants of each character – solid, “clear” and sparkley. I ebayed for just the Colossus variants: However the […]

I purchased a couple of Johnny Lightning cars last Autumn. The first is a ’55 Chevy Cameo pimped out to style of Uncanny X-Men #211. Colossus appears on the side panel of the pickup truck between Wolverine and (what I can only assume is a rather redder than usual) Storm. Note: Issue 211 is a notable one […]

I ordered this before Christmas and it arrived yesterday. It’s a really cool 100 piece jigsaw (sealed box) that shows some of my favourite X-Men; Colossus vs Juggernaut, Angel, Apocalypse, Nightcrawler, Woverine and Cyclops battling Magneto (in a similar pose to X-Men #1)



I continue to spend my hard earned money on these silly discs – just to find out if there is a Colossus one… My latest purchase was a Twin Launcher Spider-Man pack; which out of twenty discs just filled in three gaps: 011. Jonah Jameson 015. Iron Man 045. Electro As always I have updated […]

Remember this post way back in 2008 whch listed an upcoming Marvel Legends Titanium model by Hasbro. Well it was never released; but amazingly I managed to snag these prototypes (for a relative steal on eBay): They seem to have a more prominent slant to the pose than the originally releasely photo.