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It has been a long wait… I previewed Marvel Select’s Abomination back in 2010 (here). I stumbled upon this when I was last at my LCS. There was joy in my heart as I saw it on the rack – the box was in good shape and when I lifted this figure for a close […]

Finally! It had been rumored with the Magneto figure… but now it is official – the next figure from Diamond Select Toys is the Man of Organic Steel! And the blurb: “The best-selling Marvel Select line is proud to add to the hit Danger Room sub-line! This time the mightily muscled Russian mutant, Colossus, makes […]

This got delivered today – Maestro Hulk by Bowen Designs! A lot has been lauded about the base which includes a number of heroes’ masks and weapons – if you want a better explanation look no further than here. Honestly I just like the idea of a future, bearded Hulk roaming the land in the […]

The Marvel Select line is getting better and better. With the Thing, Hulk, Abomination and now Juggernaut they are really working hard to produce the brawlers with awesome sculpts in scale. Previously in many cases the larger figures were scaled down to average height – this Juggernaut is 7″ tall. Now all they need is a […]

The Marvel Select line are hitting it out of the park with these larger characters… they’ve picked great looks to model the characters on.. and the chunkiness fits the articulation much more smoothly. The Abomination — the arguably the Hulk’s greatest foe looks great and I’ll definitely pick this up.

This is one of the best action figure sculpts of any character I think I’ve seen. I love this rendition of the Yancy St brawler, the ever-lovin’ blue eyed Thing. It looks like it was inspired by the amazing art Steve McNiven did on Marvel Knights 4. The first couple of arcs of this series were […]