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  Kevin Smith (YesThatKevinSmith)  posted the great news that the Clerks 2 action figures by Graphitti Designs They are pretty nice looking figures…. (except the alarming hide-at-the-back-of-the-shelf Jay!) Hoping Sexy Stud (as previously seen on Valentine’s Day) gets added to the official assortment too.  

Late to the party again… but better late than never. Kevin Smith – who continues to be one of my favorite people of all time – has completed another special for EPIX. It’s particularly great and quite inspirational. Watch it now on epix here. Previous Kevin Smith stuff: Comic Book Men Kevin Smith – Too […]

Comic Book Men


Have you seen this show? Admittedly I am a big fan of Kevin Smith – although I am more of a fan of the man rather than his filmedic output. I am much more interested in his standup, his commentary, his writing about his life and his fictional work for Marvel and DC. So I […]

I’m not sure how it happened but I completely missed the boat here and only realised that there was another “Evening With Kevin Smith” recently. Rebranded and available exclusively on the internet via ePix (well officially that’s the only source) it was recorded for his 40th birthday. And it’s good… in fact I’d say it […]

To mark Smitty’s 40th Birthday – another Inaction figure has appeared at It has some great detail – I think it is the first time we get a pattern on the pants. The 37 +3 is a nice touch. Happy Birthday Sir!

My Secret Stash order arrived today. I am now the proud owner of the Red Bank Exclusive and the Bear-y Curious Kev. This brings my collection up to 7: the two new ones, View Askew Exclusive, San Diego Comic-Con, Night Of The Living Kev, WW Chicago and Westwood Stash Exclusive. See here for pics and […]

I’m a big fan of film director and funny man Kevin Smith and am trying to put together a collection of his variant inaction figures by Graffiti Designs. I am finding it hard to find a definitive list (the following is a work in progress) -so I am making my own with pics! If I’ve missed […]