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The XBOX achievement list has been released for Lego Marvel Super Heroes and looky looky… the “Fastball Special” is one of them! For the uninitiated this requires Colossus to throw Wolverine into battle or as Microsoft puts it: “Perform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine”. Well done TT – you have knocked this […]

The biggest Comic Convention of them all is nearly over for another year; as the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 moves into its final day – the news about Comics and cult TV & Movies has been coming thick and fast. As always I look for Colossus news throughout the weekend (and it sometimes can be […]

Finally the Lego announcement I have been waiting for: All we need now is for Colossus to be one of the 100 playable characters… fingers crossed!

The first part of the Halo 4 webseries; forward unto dawn has hit the interwebs (about a week ago – see youtube video below). It has a Battlestar Galactica vibe and is well worth a watch. The one very minor spoiler (already given away by title post… sorry!) is that the Master Chief will be […]

Nearly there now… I hit 1100 yesterday with the purchase of Blade. I now only have two characters left not bought (and the now ungettable Mohawk Storm) Purple Hawkeye and Dark Silver Surfer. I still have four or five characters to Max out… so still not sure what the final Squad Rank will be! I […]

I missed this in my pseudo-news-coverage of SDCC 2012 – but Marvel/Playdom announced new skins for many characters including the mighty Colossus in his newest Phoenix Force costume!

Done. One Thousand. One THOUSAND. Good grief! It took just over six months to get there… probably putting in about twenty minutes a day, nearly everyday to pick up Gold and Hero Tokens. Despite reaching this lofty milestone I manage to stay away from as many time-wasting missions and card games! I’ll most likely keep […]

Well, despite huge frustrations with the broken online shop and getting annoyed with support, I did indeed make it to 900! In fact as you see below I am gold broke… despite being owed 2400 Gold which represents the two times I have tried to buy Avengers Iron Man and the shop failed! So when […]

It has taken a while – nearly four weeks – to rank up another century. The squad now sits at a very respectable 800 with the addtions of Ant Man, Giant Man, Punisher and Nick Fury all MAXed out; and Tuxedo Thing, Spider-Woman and Iron Patriot in progress. I tried to patiently wait for the […]