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This is genius: There has been very little merchandise for this latest X-Men film but Carl’s Jr. seems to be at the forefront with branded cups etc. Check out Carl’s Jr. for more info.

Marvel Squinkies (by Blip Toys) exist… they appear to be pencil-top squishy “things” however they are apparently very collectable and sell like hotcakes! Like every good X-Men toy line – Colossus is represented. Anounced on in November 2011 – I purchased a couple of X-Men packs from a seller in Hong Kong. Colossus is […]

I have been playing for a week now – almost everyday (to ensure I picked up the free stuff…) and from what I can tell – the fastest way to build a squad, earn gold and xp is to play about an hour a day. Gold on the Wheel of Fortune is unlocked daily; the […]

While a bit late to the party – I have discovered Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Online – and while a complete waste of time – it is a pretty fun game. It is a bit like a Lego game – you run around collecting tokens, stars and tickets – you can play missions, card games […]

New Era has released another cap based on Colossus’ tunic. (See the last one here) I haven’t opened the wallet for this one yet… as it is vaguely grim 😉 Enjoy the pics!

This is my home office in 2003. Note: The cream pc (built from parts and pulled apart due to an unstable cpu board), mass of wires and 3.5″ floppy drive! The square screened laptop. The extremely uncomfortable office chair. James Bond DVD’s on the top shelf – Star Trek: The Next Generation on the middle […]

This just popped up online – a very awesome and massive diorama kit of Colossus taking on Juggernaut. – 1/6 scale – Approx. 24″ high with the base – Custom made – Made with high grade fiberglass reinforced resin very durable and light weight! There’s no way I can afford another hundreds of dollars purchase […]



We’ve had Zombies, Apes, Vampires, Cats… and now Dinosaurs! Check out the others at

Saw these on ebay… a completely ridiculous pair of custom made Colossus boots: Quite horrendous… (but fairly accurate)