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While 1996 was a solid year of film – none of the below movies would be on my all time favourites list. Jerry Maguire might make it on if I was thinking of favourite writer/directors (in this case Cameron Crowe). 96′ was also the summer where I went to the movie theatre every week with […]

This was one of the hardest years to rank. It was a weak year for franchise pictures – most notably the Star Trek sequel seemed to destroy any good will I had for it after the hughly enjoyable reboot. Into Darkness disappointingly seemed to break the greater Star Trek universe while pathetically recycling story and […]

As far back as I can remember; television and movies have been a huge part of my life. From circling all the movies I wanted to see in the TV guide at Christmas time through the early days of VHS, the explosion of DVD, the war of HD-DVD and Blu-ray and a lifetime of going […]

This is genius: There has been very little merchandise for this latest X-Men film but Carl’s Jr. seems to be at the forefront with branded cups etc. Check out Carl’s Jr. for more info.

The official movie site has posted new character images (but Coming Soon has them in a nicer gallery format). Colossus image above. I am indifferent about the costuming – it’s better… it’s still not the best it could look though (imho).

Fuck. Sake. Just found this out… this is grim. Hoffman was a brilliant actor with phenomenal line delivery… he was the highlight in nearly every film he starred in. While his acting in Moneyball and Almost Famous are favorites of mine – his best/favorite of mine role was that of Gust Avrakotos in Charlie’s Wilson’s […]

Empire magazine has posted this exclusive shot of Colossus and other hideously costumed X-Men… Why is Ice-Man bearded? Why is he wearing the Super-Hero equivalent of a cardigan (two sizes too big for him)? Why is Kitty not more slutty? Who is the dude with the curly hair? (I know… I know… it’s Sunspot… did […]

That’s right – we had to wait until the 24th of 25 covers to find out we would get a Colossus. And it was a little underwelming… bad pose, big head, tiny body… but it is our first look at a “hulked out” Colossus. Looks slightly better than X3… but not by much. See the […]

Consider my vote officially cast. I want Jaimie Alexander to be cast as Wonder Woman. And while I wish the world was different – though not that I have any objection to gorgeous woman flaunting their bodies – her star power has been raised a few notches on the totem pole of Hollywood celebrity by […]