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Comic Con At Home finished yesterday and it was a good experience with some obvious highlights. Favorite Panels: Bill & Ted Face The MusicAn Evening with Kevin SmithJim Lee’s X-Men Artist Edition SpotlightRed Dwarf: The Promised LandFunko: Fun TV (mostly for the glimpse of GI:Joe Zartan and Shipwreck) All Comic Con videos are (currently) available […]

Just a short post on the BCC this year – my fourth show, and third in a row. Not much could top last year – but I knew that going in. Last year – I was prepared, pumped and well-rested for the show that consumed my whole weekend. This year was more of a whistle-stop […]

This was my third year at the Baltimore Comic Con (2009, 2012 and 2013) and it was the best yet. The BCC has grown year on year and is now one of the premier conventions on the East coast. This year we had Stan Lee (though I can neither confirm or deny he was actually […]

My only San Diego Comic Con swag – the exclusive Jay & Silent Bob Black & White MiniMates – arrived in the mail yesterday… it is pretty cool. I look forward to seeing what the full View Askew series looks like – fingers crossed for a Mallrats “Operation Dark Knight” Silent Bob and the Golgothan […]

Another summer, another con, another year I am not there 😦 However for the third year in a row; I present you with the San Diego Comic Con news roundup regarding Colossus (and a few other interesting non-related new items). See previous years (2011, 2012) X-Men: Days Of Future Past While Daniel Cudmore was not […]

The biggest Comic Convention of them all is nearly over for another year; as the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 moves into its final day – the news about Comics and cult TV & Movies has been coming thick and fast. As always I look for Colossus news throughout the weekend (and it sometimes can be […]

As reported here: Tom Brevoort says: Colossus has a murky future post-AvX Ties in with previously stated comments at SDCC 2012. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the Man of Organic Steel! Image shamelessly pulled from

I am exhausted. I am back in the hotel room after an awesome day at the Con. We mosied down to the Convention Center for doors opening at 10am. The queue was massive – literally ten times as long as in 2009 (under similar time circumstances). But it moved quickly and we entered the doors […]