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Check out the full panel coverage over at newsarama here. But here is the main Colossus quote by X-Men group editor Nick Lowe: “Colossus, probably more than any other X-Men right now, has been going through a ton of stuff,” Lowe tells a fan. “During the Fear Itself story, Colossus took on the mantle of […]

Don’t spend more than a few secs… Give up? The above two images are exactly the same; but they represent a massive difference in pricing for the same book. I bought a copy (say, the one on the left) a few months ago for 50 bucks from a seller on evilBay; and the second (say, […]

I have a love/hate thing about variant covers… I like the alternative art; but dislike the pricing and availablity. Despite that I have been picking up some of the variants for the AvX mini-series… and Round 5 features The Colossonaut Vs The Thing. And as if that is not enough Dale Keown – one of […]

I’ve just purchased my tickets for Saturday… here Unfortunately I can only make it on Saturday this year so I am going to have be well organised in what I want to achieve. Current thoughts would be: Meet Stan Lee in some shape or form… never been wild about autographs but would like to get […]

Phoenix Five


It is always nice to see Comics news hitting the mainstream press and just in case you missed it USA Today reported here… Colossus has been empowered with the Phoenix force along with Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor and Magik! They are the Phoenix Five: It raises some interesting questions: 1. What does this mean for […]

Cards, Comics & Collectibles, located in Reisterstown, Maryland is a real old-time comic store. It has an amazing stock of Bronze Age books leading up to the modern books of today. My (current) comic collecting goal is to build up my Uncanny X-Men run pre issue 250 – so once I entered the store and […]

From the pages of Avengers Vs X-Men #2: Magneto and Colossus combination attack!

[Prelude] I don’t know when it happened or what the tipping point was; but I stopped reading and collecting comics a few years ago. The factors include but are not limited to; cost, storage space, the numbering system (more on that someother time), One More Day, art/writing changes and the fact that nothing good lasts… […]

I visited Alliance Comics in Baltimore last week – I took the picture above as we drove passed after I realized I didn’t get one in-store or out front when I was there. Like most Comic Shops – they had lots to see and buy but not much Colossus stuff… the best I could do was two posters (with […]