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Black Cat is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. The moment I saw this – this was a must have. It is my first Legendary Scale Bust from Sideshow – Colossus will be the second – I think this is one of the best statues/busts out there – they’ve captured her beauty […]

I have a thing for Spider-Man’s women; MJ, FH and Angelica Jones! And Bowen Designs have just produced images of there new bust Firestar! Instantly fell in love with this piece – definitely be picking this up.

I stayed up until 2am in order to secure the Exclusive version. For an extra $10 and a little sleepless effort I will be the proud owner of this name plate: I woke up the next morning (about 8am) and checked the site again – Exclusive version was SOLD OUT! I am guessing the edition […]

Sideshow have released full images on their production blog. It’s just awesome. It was really unexpected that they produced this when the Premium Format got a production design image reveal – and I can’t believe how quickly it moves – announced, revealed and pre-ordering all within a week. although then the long wait ’til Q4 […]

Awesome! It gives me great pleasure to be announcing that Sideshow Collectibles have finally put up details of the ‘other’ Colossus project they are working on – a Legendary Scale Bust! There’s going to be a  full product reveal in the Sideshow Production Blog on May 25th.

This arrived in the mail today – been looking out for one of these for ages but found them for sale at Urban Collector. Along with many others, I was utterly disappointed with X3. While Colossus’ role was increased slightly; the coolness exuded in X2 was all gone – mainly due to the revamped look: I suppose at least the bust looks like […]

Sideshow Toys have leaked some information and images: “At least two Colossus products are currently in development, one in sculpture and one in design.” [Source] [Image Source] “… the Colossus currently in development is approximately 1:5 scale. Yes, it is likely that Cyclops will see release in the future in a complementary scale to your favorite Russian, […]

The delivery guy turned up at about 4 o’clock with this… the latest purchase – the Chrome version of the John Cassaday inspired Astonishing Colossus. My first chrome version, this is number 299 of 500. It is very shiny!  

There was something awesome in the mailbox today… Statue Number 5 aka Bust Number 1. It is the Astonishing X-Men: Colossus Resin Bust (Painted editon) by Diamond Select Toys sold at Wizard World Los Angeles. Quiet a mouthful. It is based on John Cassaday’s Colossus from the pages of Astonishing X-Men. The one I have […]