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I have a love/hate thing about variant covers… I like the alternative art; but dislike the pricing and availablity. Despite that I have been picking up some of the variants for the AvX mini-series… and Round 5 features The Colossonaut Vs The Thing. And as if that is not enough Dale Keown – one of […]

Found this awesome poster (available to buy!) via pinterest but hosted on Created by Marko Manev. There are many more – so please follow the link to see the full range. I’ll showcase one more – which is actually my favorite – The Juggernaut!

By kizer180. Loving the angular style! Found on deviantart. Previous Showcase Art: Showcase X – The Proletarian by blo0p Showcase IX – Futurama X-Men Meld Showcase VIII Showcase VII Showcase VI Showcase V Showcase IV Showcase III Showcase II Showcase I

From the pages of Avengers Vs X-Men #2: Magneto and Colossus combination attack!

Check out blo0p’s art here –  lots of other X-Men and other super heroes available!

I picked this up recently (on another uncontrollable spending whim). It is the X-Men #7 Blank Variant customised with awesome wrap-around art by Mike Rooth. It is clearly a rendition of the Kotobukiya Danger Room Colossus Statue. Head over to and see this cover in his sketch gallery. Of which he describes: “Ink/wash and […]

Found this online – the Super Hero Alphabet! A is for Captain America B is for Batman C is for Colossus D is for Daredevil E is for Elektra (easy once you’ve figured it out!) F is for The Flash G is for The Green Arrow H is for The Incredible Hulk I is for […]

There is a preview of Tom Mason’s recoloring of X-Men #1 at And here is the page that started it all (in a way…) It looks awesome!

I wish I was in San Diego… there’s a number of Colossus related items and news! X-Men #1 – 20th Anniversary Edition – Recolored by Tom Mason Which looks awesome and it means we’ll see a new version of my favorite Jim Lee Colossus image!   Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs – Colossus vs. […]