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Hasbro continue to tease us with with Colossus parts – the Juggernaut figure includes the right arm/hand piece and the Metal-head’s head! Please give us a body.   The left arm/hand was previously available on Red Hulk.

Timeout. Another line of plastic men I enjoyed back in the late 80’s were the Kenner Starting Lineup released by Tonka in the UK as Sportstars (one ‘s’ in between… not SportsStars… that is something else entirely). From what I understand; they were produced in large quantities but didn’t sell particularly well… there are few […]

Was reading and look what the Red Hulk Marvel Masher has… …a Colossus arm! The folks at MTN seem to think that a Colossus Marvel Masher might be on the way in 2015! Which is awesome! While I don’t own any of these – I actually quite like the idea (and execution) of the line… […]

OK – so I may have missed this announcement back in July at SDCC… but it has been re-confirmed at NYCC. Finally we are going to see the release of The Colossonaut – the Colossus/Juggernaut mashup that was teased way back in 2012. By the time it is release in “Spring” 2015 (it is scheduled […]

At last. I really like this whole line of hundreds and hundreds of well-known characters and celebrities; I have a few in my collection already; Silent Bob, Panthro, The Rock to name a few recent purchases. Funko have finally announced 90’s themed X-Men additions including Colossus! It seems to me that this line is the […]

I’ve spent the last few months dreaming of toys… both old and new… and I was remembering that I bought a few issues of Lee’s Action Figure and Toy Review about 10 years ago. After a bit of research on the web, I decided I must put together a collection. (Why must everything be a […]

  Kevin Smith (YesThatKevinSmith)  posted the great news that the Clerks 2 action figures by Graphitti Designs They are pretty nice looking figures…. (except the alarming hide-at-the-back-of-the-shelf Jay!) Hoping Sexy Stud (as previously seen on Valentine’s Day) gets added to the official assortment too.