Top Ten Funko Pops I want them to make


1. Kevin Smith in Blue Hockey Jersey

Kevin worn the Blue/Orange Oilers colors for so long but hasn’t been represented in either an inaction figure or a pop. This needs to happen as a Con Exclusive.

2. Rob Bruce the PopCulturist

We NEED this to round out the Comic Book Men roster. How cool would a Rob Bruce pop be? It might just be the coolest pop on the planet. Con/Stash Exclusive.

3. Rufus from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

There’s Bill. There’s Ted. There’s Rufus. The trifecta of bodaciousness. There is announced but unrevealed B&T swag in this month’s Loot Crate. I am hoping its a Rufus pop.

4. Bogus Journey Pops

This makes soo much sense. Bogus Journey had a more Saturday morning cartoon feel than EA and is ripe for Popification.  Think of this line up:

Bill w/ Dead Bill chase, Ted w/ Dead Ted chase, Death, STATION!, Evil Bill, Evil Ted (basically B&T with sunglasses), DeNomolos

It would be awesome!

5. Manchester United

We need Juan Mata. A Fellaini pop with his amazing hair just makes sense. England hero Lingard.


WTF Funko! Why is Mr. Schwarzenegger not better represented. If its a rights thing please get it fixed – We need ARNOLD – he’s a living Pop Culture Icon:

Commando, Predator, Running Man, Terminator, Last Action Hero (ahem)

7. Jason Bourne

Ok – it’s hard to make this distinctive but its Jason ‘at this altitude I can run flat out for half a mile before my hands start shaking’ BOURNE.

8. Felix Leiter from Casino Royale/Quantum

You already have Jeffery Wright as Bernard from Westworld – so this is easy. DO IT.

9. Winston 107 from Ghostbusters

This has speciality series written all over it. Why did this not get produced at the time?

10. Bones, Uhura from Star Trek Original Series

I keep seeing Michelle Nichols signing Uhura pops from Star Trek Beyond and it makes me sad she doesn’t have her own pop for her ground-breaking role.

I get why you made Scotty in the first wave (red shirt) but come on… Bones was the third lead behind Kirk and Spock and part of the command tripod.

Oh and make Sulu and Chekov too.

11. Jaws

Again… what the complete fuck. JAWS is POP CULTURE. No further explanation needed.

Brody, Hooper, Quint and “Bruce” please.

12. Colossus from Deadpool/Deadpool2

Easy. Do it.

13. Tyler Durden

Iconic. And I love the irony.

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