San Diego Comic Con 2018


It’s that time of the year again! Time to get excited by the biggest nerd convention on earth. And the exclusives this year are extensive with some gems among a plethora of collectables; you need to be very selective when on a budget. However the following few are ones that caught my eye and I’d be easily persuaded to part with cold hard cash (or hot soft credit) for!

Funko Pop – Dustin (Snowball Dance)

Who doesn’t love Stranger Things? This is an awesome exclusive and I suspect really popular among fans as it was from one of the most touching scenes in season 2.



MOTU getting a great showing from Funko and Super7 this year.

Ram Man is a must for any fan.


Stinkor is probably not at the top of the list of any fans favorite villans but making him scented is either a nice gimmick or if he smells bad a really stupid idea! On the fence for this.


Laughing Adam from Super7 is a great exclusive. Its just weird enough to peek interest but since I am trying to reduce my scope of collectables I might pass on this (and regret it later)



I am passing on Predator Hawkins from NECA even though its freakin Shane Black.

Enjoy the SDCC madness… I’ll update you if I buy anything!

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