Top 10 Favorite Films Of 1996


While 1996 was a solid year of film – none of the below movies would be on my all time favourites list. Jerry Maguire might make it on if I was thinking of favourite writer/directors (in this case Cameron Crowe). 96′ was also the summer where I went to the movie theatre every week with my best friend Colin – with From Dusk Till Dawn and The Rock kicking off the Summer brilliantly.

10. Trigger Happy (aka Mad Dog Time)

9. The Cable Guy

8. Happy Gilmore

7. Tin Cup

6. Star Trek: First Contact

5. Trainspotting

4. From Dusk Till Dawn

3. The Rock

2. Twister

1. Jerry Maguire


Also Watched: ID4, Scream, Fargo, Sleepers, Mission: Impossible, The Birdcage, A Time To Kill, Primal Fear, The English Patient, Striptease, Space Jam, Mars Attacks, Crash, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Kingpin, Stealing Beauty,  Swingers, The Island of Dr Moreau, DragonHeart, The Frighteners, James And The Giant Peach, The Nutty Professor, Escape From LA, Bound, Executive Decision, The Phantom, The People vs Larry Flynt, Bio-Dome, Eraser, The Ghost and the Darkness, Down Periscope, Broken Arrow, Ransom, Chain Reaction, Black Sheep, The Fan, Phenomenon, Daylight, Jingle All The Way, One Fine Day, Last Man Standing, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, The Quest, 2 Days in the Valley, She’s The One, Eddie, Fled,



Special Feature – Worst Movie of the Year: The Island of Dr Moreau

Special Feature – Best Trailer: Eddie (maybe… at least it was memorable!)

Special Feature – Best Documentary: 

Special Feature – Best soundtrack: Mission: Impossible

Special Feature – Premise War: “Golf” Tin Cup vs Happy Gilmore



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