Top 10 Favorite Films Of 2012


It’s weird looking at all the films you’ve seen in a year and picking ten. Neither Avengers or TDKR made my top ten… Avengers was just vapid nonsense and in my opinion Bane (and his voice) was the only thing worth watching in The Dark Knight Rises… it’s too long, political and a bit silly (they managed to fuck up Catwoman). Peter Jackson managed to fuck up The Hobbit by making one short book into three movies and shooting it at 40 fps making it look fake. That said my list is somewhat eclectic…

10. Fat Kid Rules The World
09. Jack Reacher

This is the most surprising movie on my list because I didn’t much like the movie the first time round. I am no fan of McQuarrie which is probably grossly unfair but I do not like The Way Of The Gun or Valkyrie). But I found myself checking Reacher out again on Netflix and found it somewhat memorizing – Tom Cruise, and especially Rosamond Pike are infinitely watchable. And for some reason the whole silly affair works.

08. Sleepwalk With Me
Mike Birbiglia is a funny guy. The movie isn’t all that funny mind you – it’s good and humorous – but it’s strength is found in Mike’s honest performance. If you want to see funny check out his My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend set. It’s unlike any other comic you’ll see.

07. Flight

06. Lockout

05. Wreck-It Ralph

04. Pitch Perfect
Ridiculously enjoyable movie about singing. No apologies for rating it this high.

03. Battleship
Apologies maybe needed here. Peter Berg makes a silly movie about a board game; but it’s a entertaining romp into action sci-fi genre with a better than received performance from Taylor Kitsch. I still think it should have been a full on Friday Night Lights reunion movie with Kyle Chandler in for Liam Neeson and one of the girls (Minka Kelly/Aimee Teegarden/Adrianne Palicki) in for Brooklyn Deckards role. That would be genius!

02. Skyfall
Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007 manages to reset the reboot back to the beginning. Which is no mean feat when you are 23 movies in… It is probably the best looking Bond film ever shot (Oscar winner Roger Deakins working the camera) and Adele’s song is one of the best in the series.

01. Dredd
The best comic book movie ever made.

Also Watched: Avengers, Magic Mike, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, Django Unchained, Sinister, The Hobbit, Prometheus, 21 Jump Street, Ted, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Cabin In The Woods, Snow White and The Huntsman, Looper, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, John Carter, This Means War, Project X, The Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, Life Of Pi, American Reunion, Here Comes The Boom, Safe House, Safety Not Guaranteed, VHS, Would You Rather, Pirhanna 3DD, Contraband, Premium Rush, Get The Gringo, Bullet To The Head, The ABCs of Death, Paranormal Activity 4, Compliance, The Expatriate, The Devil Inside, The Factory, ATM,

Worst Movie: Men In Black III, The Hobbit

Special Feature – Best Documentary: Indie Game: The Movie (this is an unbelievably good film)

Special Feature – Best Trailer: Ted (Red Band Trailer)

Special Feature – Best Soundtracks/Scores: Dredd, Skyfall, Pitch Perfect

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