Baltimore Comic Con 2014


Just a short post on the BCC this year – my fourth show, and third in a row.

Not much could top last year – but I knew that going in. Last year – I was prepared, pumped and well-rested for the show that consumed my whole weekend. This year was more of a whistle-stop tour – in fact, I was only on the floor for just over an hour – mainly to get a look around etc.

The show had move “rooms” in the convention center this year and there was much more floor space overall, less bumping into people etc. The stalls seemed to be the same in number as before and are definitely the same size. I was still grumbling to myself that there are still issues with trying to see the merchandise available.

As usual – I was round looking for Colossus or at a stretch some Kevin Smith items… and really I saw neither. Colossus was there in Marvel Universe form, saw a Marvel Legends or two, but really that was all. Things I saw, that I wanted, but didn’t buy: Ray Stantz Funko Pop, a Mr Stay Puft Bank, X-Babies GNs and the aforementioned Colossus figures. In the end I bought only two things – a Ghostbusters “No Ghosts” decal – and – a Marvel Omnibus (of McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-Man run).

While my personal experience of the show this year was somewhat lacking – I realize it was mostly me. I can’t seem to just enjoy it, I have to be running around frantically looking for something specific (and finding it!).

Not sure I’ll be there next year – a few years off might rejuvenate the experience for me.

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