What Is Your Major Malfunction?


Unopened collectibles that have piled up in the last few months. Because, you know… reasons.

There are some awesome items in there though! A few I’ve procrastinated over for years and a few surprises I never knew of. (And yes, there is a 20″ Mr Stay Puft in the Mattel box!)

One Response to “What Is Your Major Malfunction?”

  1. I hope there aren’t any collectibles in those pile of boxes from Sideshow. They often say you should inspect stuff you buy from them ASAP and if there is an issue get in touch with their customer service. If you let something sit for awhile and then check it out later if there is a problem Sideshow might not have a replacement for you. A friend of mine bought the Colossus Premium Format statue and it sat in his garage for a while because he had a daughter and she took up his time. When he finally got around to opening it the base had some color imperfections. He called Sideshow and there was no replacement base or statue to send him.

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