Mary Jane


The first Spider-Man comic I ever purchased was Amazing Spider-Man #333 (pencilled by Erik Larsen). It was my introduction to one of my favourite Comic Book characters; Mary Jane Watson (then Parker) – a fiery red-headed super-model/actress who had the measure of Peter.


And it is amazing how the mind remembers things – the above art is from #332 though as I remember it, it was from #333. I guess it was over twenty years ago… but still. I didnt pick up #333 until at least six months later. That image will always be inked in my brain as the moment I fell in love with MJ (as much as you can fall in love with a fictional comic character – but when you are 11 or 12 these things seem possible!).

Anyway – I have excitedly preordered the new J Scott Campbell statue from Sideshow and stumbled upon the concept art; which is beautiful!


Which led me to these:





I particularly like this one:


And found this stunning cosplay recreation photo:


And there is lots more where that came from… some very talent artists/photographers/cosplayers out there! Google it!

One Response to “Mary Jane”

  1. I think Camille Crimson should recreate one of these MJ poses. She has the curves to pull them off.

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