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JJ – take note. The girl is Nicole Whittaker – go like her on facebook! I promise the next post will be about non-babe related things (its just been one of those weeks)… maybe something Colossus related for a change…

Consider my vote officially cast. I want Jaimie Alexander to be cast as Wonder Woman. And while I wish the world was different – though not that I have any objection to gorgeous woman flaunting their bodies – her star power has been raised a few notches on the totem pole of Hollywood celebrity by […]

Mary Jane


The first Spider-Man comic I ever purchased was Amazing Spider-Man #333 (pencilled by Erik Larsen). It was my introduction to one of my favourite Comic Book characters; Mary Jane Watson (then Parker) – a fiery red-headed super-model/actress who had the measure of Peter. And it is amazing how the mind remembers things – the above […]

Short update to my previous commentary on this years new and returning shows.  After a half dozen episodes of each: these are my latest thoughts… The Blacklist (Season 1) I think it is easily the best new series this year… despite the issues I have with letting a top-ten most-wanted criminal loose to continue his […]