2013 Fall TV


Well it is that time of year again – the time when we the (tv) consumer get to pick our favourite new shows, re-engage with the “best” shows that got renewed last year and of course schedule the winter nights viewing for the rest of the year!

I’ll start with the existing shows I’ll be watching this year:

Elementary (Season 2)
Comic Book Men (Season 3)
The Walking Dead (Season 4)
Parenthood (Season 5)
Castle (Season 6)
The Big Bang Theory (Season 7)

And believe it or not I will be watching CSI (Season 14) – even after thirteen full seasons the Las Vegas based show still has entertainment to offer.

And so to the brand spanking new shows – the shows that have been quickly conceived, developed, cast, shot, and spat out by the great television gods in the sky… erm… Hollywood. This year is no different – there are shows that work, shows that don’t, shows that shouldnt but do and of course shows that should but don’t… quite the mouthful eh?

My top three picks this year all have excellent female leads; a good supporting/leading man and a well defined supporting cast.

Sleepy Hollow (Season 1) – this drama is already picked up for Season 2 due to stellar viewing figures; SH works incredibly well… it has good production value; a fairly solid (crazy sci-fi) premise and most importantly is well cast. Nicole Beharie is excellent with Tom Mison providing some (English) support! Hopefully Clancy Brown will stick around too.

Back In The Game (Season 1) – Maggie Lawson and James Caan are carrying this loosely baseball/family ‘comedy’. While they need to work on the comedy aspect a little – they are getting the sentimental aspect between father and daughter spot on – with Caan providing some much needed gravitas and is the MVP of the show. Lawson has good range and is extremely likeable in the role – I just hope there is enough here to sustain a full season and beyond.

Trophy Wife (Season 1) – this sitcom with Malin Akerman and the always excellent Bradley Whitford has a stronger premise and certainly has the comedy better defined; but needs to work on its depth of character. Given that we are only two episodes in hopefully this will happen naturally.

In summary; Beharie, Lawson and Akerman are the women to watch this fall… and hopefully Lawson and Akerman can follow Beharie and carry their respective shows into a second season.

Other notable shows:

The Blacklist (Season 1) – James Spader in a fairly by the numbers FBI drama.

Almost Human (Season 1) – Not aired yet… but will give anything that Karl Urban is in a chance.

I suppose I should mention Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. – to my great dismay this is a badly conceived turkey of a show. A poor man’s Firefly; the sets look the same, the characters and dialogue are rehashed from every Whedon show ever produced; but the biggest nail in the coffin is the horrendous casting – and I mean really horrendous. As much as I like Clark Gregg (a West Wing alumni) – he is just not a leading man – his acting in the pilot was unconvincing and frankly uneven. Chloe Bennet is the only one who seems to be embracing the opportunity… but it is not enough to carry a show set in the Marvel Universe. The other four, or is it three? no… I think it is four, aren’t even worth mentioning. As much as I liked The Avengers at the time – it is the movie equivalent of vaporware – there is really is nothing there but spectacle and this show reinforces that by stripping away the spectacle to find that there is just NOTHING there. While it will probably get picked up for a second season because it is Marvel and because they can throw money and cameos at it… it really should be cancelled. I’ll admit it had the potential back at the concept stage of a show that could dance around the raindrops of the Marvel movie universe which sounds awesome but the reality is… that can’t work; not as a standard hour-long dramedy with a cast of misfit B-list actors (and that is being kind).

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