Lego Jor-El


Russell Crowe becomes the latest celebrity to be Legoized.

Legoization (I am just making up words today) is more rare than getting on the Simpsons.


It is a poly-bagged promo mini-figure – as yet undetermined how to purchase – but looks cool.

I believe Harrison Ford is the only person to be Lego-ized twice — for Indiana Jones and Han Solo — speaking of which — the May the 4th Lego promotion this year is Han Solo in Hoth gear.


Can be picked up with orders over $75 at on May 3rd/4th.

2 Responses to “Lego Jor-El”

  1. You’re wrong about Ford being the only one Legoized twice: Alfred Molina has been Leogized three times for his characters in Prince of Persia, Spider-Man 2 & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Johnny Depp twice (POTC, Lone Ranger), Orlando Bloom twice (POTC, LOTR). Warwick Davis has 2 different characters in the Harry Potter movies and 2 different characters in the Star Wars movies that have minifig representations. Ford still has the most different variations of minifigs because of all the versions/variations of Han Solo and Indiana Jones that have been made. This is not likely to change for quite some time.

    • 2 Butler

      Awesome Sir – thanks for commenting. I stand corrected – I did think it was rather risky throwing out a fact like that without any research… it is amazing how many great licenses Lego have acquired over the recent years! Long may it continue…

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