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My copy of Lego Batman The Movie arrived in the post a few days ago… I shamelessly admit to purchasing solely for the Clark Kent mid-change Superman minifigure – which is very cool indeed. I continue to think that Lego are missing a huge market blister-packing carded minifigures…

McFarlane’s work on The Amazing Spider-Man and his short-lived run on Spider-Man was one of the main reasons I got into comics… I entered the world of Marvel around Spider-Man #6 and his work on Amazing always had an allure that few other runs had. For the last twenty odd years I have been trying […]

I managed to get to Cards, Comics & Collectibles today for a very quick visit. As usual I was not at all organized and had no idea what’s on the list for Uncanny X-Men. I was quickly able to work out what McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man issues I am missing and managed to pick up four […]

Lego Jor-El


Russell Crowe becomes the latest celebrity to be Legoized. Legoization (I am just making up words today) is more rare than getting on the Simpsons. It is a poly-bagged promo mini-figure – as yet undetermined how to purchase – but looks cool. I believe Harrison Ford is the only person to be Lego-ized twice — […]