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AMC’s Comic Book Men continues to be a guilty pleasure of mine – but I’d be the first to admit that the half-hour format of Season 2 is not working that well. The joy of Season 1 was the lack of polish the show had – jokes were allowed to simmer and stack up; everyone […]

It’s here. It’s good. It looks like it might be the Superman movie we all have been waiting for… Cavill is going on me and Costner and Crowe might just be perfect casting. I love Snyder’s style and this could well be his best film yet. (There is not much Clark Kent – Roving Reporter […]

I love Mary Jane Watson Parker. It feels like I’ve said this before… oh yes… here. I have the Adam Hughes inspired Sideshow Comiquette released a few years ago. Last week they posted this image (with video) on their development blog: (Image at original size – see Sideshow Blog here) It looks pretty. A J […]