Jim Hanley’s Universe, New York


Jim Hanley's Universe Comic Book Store

I was in New York City at the start of the week on business and had enough time to stop in at Jim Hanley’s Universe – a comic book store that focuses on comics. It has a large selection of new books and a reasonable sized back issue section at the back of the store. One quirky thing about it was the main store was sorted alphabetically – so there is no stand for this weeks books – if you want All Star X-Men number 1 – you need to find the X section. It’s fine – though not sure it adds anything to the experience (especially if you are a regular to the store).

I wasn’t really looking for any specific books – but I picked up a few back issues:

  • X-Men #17 (Volume ? – November 2011) “Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle – Part Two” (50 Years Of Fantastic Four Variant)
  • X-Men #42 (Volume 1 – July 1995) “Heaven Can Wait” (Colossus present on cover)
  • X-Men #43 (Volume 1 – August 1995) “Falling From Grace” (Colossus present on cover)
  • X-Men #45 (Volume 1 – October 1995) “The Enemy Of My Enemy…”

Anyway – it was a cool store – lots to look at and browse – old and new. Worth checking out if you find yourself in NY. It is right beside the Empire State Building.

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