Castle Grayskull


I was a child of the 80’s – which honestly might have been the best ever decade for a child to grow up in. Not only did we get the first video game consoles we also got action figures. Star Wars, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Defenders Of The Earth, and of course The Masters Of The Universe.

In fact, as I remember it, He-Man was my first ever action figure. I remember my Mum buying him for me while she was away on a trip and handed it to me on her return. I had definitely had Battle Cat, Beast Man, Ninjor and Skeletor. And through the haze of time – I think I had Orko, Prince Adam and Buzz Off… although cannot be sure.

See all the original figures here

He-Man exploded in 1984 and the top toy for Christmas ’84 was Castle Grayskull. This doesn’t happen often but Santa failed me that year – I remember spending the rest of the day with my family crafting a large cardboard box into the castle! I wish I had a picture of that now… but it was a lot of fun. Santa Claus redeemed himself the very next year and Castle Grayskull made Christmas ’85 a special one.

Well nearly thirty years later Christmas ’13 might be special once again. The He-Man Classics line is in full swing and Castle Grayskull has been announced for pre-order. However. They need to fulfil the pre-order other wise it won’t get made.

Despite my rampant cashflow problems of late; I’ve pre-ordered mine in the hope that by the time they actually charge me I’ll have enough spare to afford it. It is a rather hefty 250 bucks but it is the toy of my childhood!

I have a few of the Classics figures already – He-Man & Battle Cat, Orko (SDCC version with Prince Adam). I would like to get a Skeletor at least to round out a nice diorama with a massive Castle Grayskull in the background.

(Pre)Order it here and make it happen!

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