Baltimore Comic Con 2012


I am exhausted. I am back in the hotel room after an awesome day at the Con. We mosied down to the Convention Center for doors opening at 10am. The queue was massive – literally ten times as long as in 2009 (under similar time circumstances). But it moved quickly and we entered the doors about 10:30.

At I crossed the threshold, through the hoards of fellow nerds, cosplayers and artists, that overwelming feeling of confusion (what did I want to look at/for… what did I want to buy?). The explosion of visual stimulae is immense. I decided to tour the floor first and get a feel for the layout and see if I could identify any swag I liked enough to pay for. Any Colossus related items top of the list obviously. I toured the merchandise stands for about half an hour before heading down artists alley where I picked up and awesome print of a space-babe (it may be from something but I dont know what… but the art is amazing – really pleased with my first purchase of the day).
The Pictures

I brought my camera this time around and managed to get a few pictures of some cosplayers and a few other random shots – I didnt take many pictures – but these are the best of them (click to embiggen):

Above: The one on the left is Hailey from Comic Con Cuties. Indeed.

Above: An incredibly beautiful Black Widow and Poison Ivy cosplayer.

Above: Black Cat

Above: Cosplayer as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Above: Poison Ivy

Above: Big Hulk!

Above: For some reason I am really pleased with this shot… The Colossus/Unmasked Juggernaut finally on the shelves; the light grey version is everywhere! Could I be the only person with the variant?

The Comic Professionals

Saw but did not speak/get autographs/or sketches from JRJR, Frank Cho, Stan Lee, Garth Ennis (amazingly long queue for Garth… I mean that in a good way!), David Finch, David Mack, Neal Adams, Paul Levitz and Marc Nathan (show runner).

The Swag Bag

The complete Swag Bag for 2012:

  • Uncanny X-Men Toon Tumbler (featuring Colossus)
  • Uncanny X-Men #201, #212, #213
  • Amazing Spider-Man #304, #306, #307
  • Signed “Space-Babe” print (favorite item from the show! Thanks Andy!)
  • Giant Sized X-Men fridge magnet (featuring Colossus)
  • Colossus matted laser cel
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Colossus action figure
  • Marvel Universe Hulk action figure (one of the most beautifully crafted action figures I’ve seen in ages – compare this to the first Hulk Marvel Universe released… it was grim).
  • And last but not least the official Baltimore Comic Con Programme

I passed on the Liberty Meadows Yearbook, and a couple of Colossus prints in Artist’s Alley. They were good… but not good enough!

In summary – the show was bigger and better than last time – really pleased I took my camera, got some cool stuff… all I need to remember next year is to bring drinks & snacks and have a print-out of stuff I want to look for!

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